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I visit the Wilshire/Normandie station almost everyday.  I spend much time there but had failed to look around. It was just a place to board the Purple Line train Monday through Friday to go to work. I only just noticed the mural, it hangs on the far side of the platform, that illustrates the many different cultures that call Los Angeles home. 1

I live next to a Japanese-American church in the Oaxacan neighborhood of Koreatown. In my short walk to Wilshire/Normandie stop I see these many different customs that are unlike my own. I love to see and be a small part of what makes L.A. a beautiful city to live in. 2


Green is not a color you see very often in L.A. You can go to the coast or look up to see the palm trees but it is not a frequent occurrence on my commute. St. Stephen’s has a wonderful community garden that satisfies my longing for that natural hue.


I was lucky enough to spend time at Camp Stevens in Julian, California last week. It was a nice contrast from the big city and is more like my first home, Idaho. I found myself missing the noise after a while. Yes, there was the wind, birds and other wildlife causing a ruckus but it was silent compared to the cars, helicopters, and bustle of the neighborhood. green

I started this lent journey not really having a general plan, just an idea of how I would like Lent to go and I have been pleasantly surprised. I noticed that I feel more intentional now about what I say and when I say it. I have also-in my opinion- become more quiet and contemplative. Giving up the use of profanity for Lent has really allowed me to not only think about what I say but also what actions I take. Its helped me become a more focused individual in what my actions and words say about me.
I am happy about this discovery because it was something that I struggled with for a long time. I wanted to be linear in my words and actions and I now I feel like that is really happening. I’ve also enjoyed how many alternative phrases I can create to express my frustration or excitement in a situation. I am enjoying how much thinking I am doing to find alternative words and the thought lengths I follow down searching for a better method to express my thoughts.

I cannot offer much in the way of deep theological, spiritual, or philosophical insight on this, but….   I love the spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth. Suzanne1 Suzanne3


I invite you to join me in the discipline of walking a labyrinth at least once a week during Lent.

Below are some links where you can get information on the labyrinth and a site where you can find labyrinths near your home or work: