I wasn’t even the driver and I was filled with anxiety. Zipping through traffic on the freeways in Los Angeles on our way to Julian, California. Everyone is in a hurry, trying to weave in between cars to reach their destination quicker.


When I told my family and friends that I was moving to LA their first comment was to complain about the traffic. I have not experienced the legendary Los Angeles freeway because I mostly ride the Metro system train. I am an expert in navigating the foot traffic that is the Hollywood and Vine rush hour. I weave in between people to reach work faster but I rarely look at those besides me. I am busy with what I need to do and how quickly I can accomplish that.

We focus too much on the destination and not the fashion in which we do so. We tend to complain and not appreciate, criticize instead of marvel. I will try to see the beauty that is the intricate structure that is Metro, the transpiration system, and all the people that it takes to manage and improve it.